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Mr. Pit is a full-service dog care company in The Colony, TX.

Is your favorite canine friend home alone all day? Do you travel frequently for work or wonder what to do with your pup for your next family vacation? Does your dog have some behavior challenges they need help working through?

If you live in The Colony, Frisco, or the surrounding cities, Mr. Pit is the place for you and your dog. Our services include: Canine Adventure Camp, Dog Boarding, and Behavior Modification.

Rafael Blanes graduated from the Cesar’s Way workshop run by “the Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan. He is an AKC certified CGC evaluator, certified Texas Animal Control Officer and former Police Officer. He is passionate about working with dogs and their owners. Please check out our services below and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


Dog Walking

Dogs need exercise. Walking your dog as part of their daily routine will help them release excessive energy and will help with their behavior.

Behavior Modification

Do you have a challenging pup? Can’t get them to behave? We can help! Mr. Pit Frisco is a Cesar Millan AKC certified CGC evaluator and a certified Texas Animal Control Officer.

Canine Adventure Camp

Is your dog tired of being alone all day? Instead, why not let him socialize and exercise with other friendly canines?

Dog Boarding

Our experienced and professional staff will give your dog the best care and the attention it deserves. We provide a safe and fun environment for group play, while offering all dogs their own space for “me time.”

Pawrenting Classes

You don’t understand why your dog behaves the way it does? Is your dog too friendly and becomes excited easily around other people or dogs? You can’t walk your dog because he drags you around?

What our clients are saying:

  • 5 star review  Mr. Pit is awesome!! He is definitely passionate about what he does and it reflects in his work. We have two 80+lbs. dogs and he has been great with both of them. He has given us great advice on training and walking them. One of our girls is a bit jealous of the other one at times and he has given us great tips. The dogs can definitely feel his good energy and they listen to everything he says! He is a dog whisperer 🙂 We are so lucky that we found him so that our girls can stay home when we go out of town as well. He comes over feeds them, walks them and even gets our mail, etc. We also love all of the cute pics he takes of them and he always sends videos of him walking them. We are so lucky we found Rafael, he is great to work with!

    thumb Melissa Cornelison

    5 star review  Mr. Pit is Godsend. He was referred to me by a good friend, when my puppy started getting rebellious and aggressive with my eldest dog. I was so stressed out about what my pup was becoming and what I could do. He came over the very next day and within 3 minutes of entering my home, he had full control of the pup without laying a hand on her. He gave me some wonderful advice and calmed my nerves quickly. He also told me about his day camp to help with the energy of my 2 youngest. Today was their first day of camp. Not only did he come get them, he sent a video while they were there and brought them home SO happy, not to mention, nice and tired. I am grateful to have found him. I would suggest him to anyone that loves their dogs.

    thumb Samantha Daleo

    5 star review  

    thumb Daryl Talley
  • 5 star review  We have two 125+ pound dogs and although they have wonderful temperaments, they can be quite a handful. There is no one else in town (not even family) that I trust them with more. For dog walking, day camp, advice on everyday training - Mr. Pit Frisco is our one and only go-to guy.

    thumb Nina Fuller

    5 star review  Can't say enough great things about Mr Pit. Kind and knowledgeable about dogs AND their owners, he helped me with some behavior issues with my fur babies and this is a much happier household!

    thumb Susan Shelby

    5 star review  Entrenador de 5 estrellas. Eso vale. Un trabajo bien realizado forja un trabajo de excelencia. Dios te bendiga.

    thumb Irma Pagán
  • 5 star review  The best in the business he is so dedicated that he take ownership of every job

    thumb Felis Ramirez-Jandito

    5 star review  

    thumb Patricia Guerrero

    5 star review  He is so dedicated to helping dogs and their owners to achieve healthy relationships. He is the BEST!

    thumb Irmarelie Ronda
  • 5 star review  

    thumb Candy Rodriguez

    5 star review  

    thumb Tony Munoz

    5 star review  Mr. Pit is trainer I have ever worked with! He was able to get my crazy/strong Great Dane to walk on a leash without pulling. I'm excited to see how she does with doggy daycare. =)

    thumb M.J. Sharp
  • 5 star review  

    thumb Karirmalice Ronda

    5 star review  No words to describe how amazing Rafael is. He literally saved my life and the life of my foster! Thank you so much for all the hard work you're putting into making sure this girl gets the life she deserves.

    thumb Stephanie Pruneda

    5 star review  

    thumb Jijumon Abraham
  • 5 star review  

    thumb Rafael Blanes